New to Medicare

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New to MedicareWe are an insurance agency that specializes in helping seniors choose the right Medicare plan. If you are new to Medicare, you have probably already been bombarded with mailers and phone calls. It might be a little overwhelming.

The good news is that you can throw out all that mail and not take another phone call.

We can show you all the benefits you are entitled to in an easy to understand presentation. Since we represent all of the top-rated insurance companies, you can rest assured that you will have access to the best deal. Being new to Medicare does not have to limit your options. Our goal is to help you save money and make sure you have control over your new healthcare plan.

Why Choose When You Are New in Medicare?

Being new to Medicare, our mission is to ensure that you are presented with all of your Medicare options, and that you are in the plan of your choosing. We’ll make sure you make the best decision for your health and financial well-being.

Additionally, we are A+ certified, in good standing with the BBB, and we are licensed in all 50 states. Our Licensed Agents are knowledgeable, experienced and fully trained to serve you.

Why Do I Need a Licensed Medicare Specialist?

What many seniors fail to realize being new to Medicare is that there are important enrollment dates for Medicare. If some of these dates are missed, you can incur penalties that may increase annually. We can help you get enrolled in Medicare on time.

How Do I Enroll When I’m New to Medicare?

Before you enroll in Medicare with the government, our Licensed Agents will be able to review all of your Medicare options. You will be presented with the best strategies on when and how to enroll in Medicare.

Looking for a Medicare Plan?

Find a Medicare Supplement Plan That’s Right for You

Looking for a Medicare Plan?

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